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2 Recent Gaming Masterpieces to Play This Year

2 Recent Gaming Masterpieces to Play This Year 388x220 - 2 Recent Gaming Masterpieces to Play This Year

It has been a great few years for video games. The technology is constantly evolving. The Nintendo Switch is rising up in the ranks and may be one of the most popular consoles as the years come.

The standard for great video games is constantly being increased as well with every great game that comes out. Moreover, games make money. Gaming is in such a good place that business is booming, with billions of dollars in revenue coming in.

Let’s take a look at several of the most recent gaming masterpieces that you need to play right now.

God of War

The year 2018 saw the return of our favorite angry god slayer. A sequel to God of War was recently just released exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

The past God of War games were all about fast-paced action, violence, and awesome scenes. While most of those things can still be seen in the remake, there were also new things added into the game.

One of the most important new things added into the new God of War title was the emotional storytelling. The story continues from the previous game. After slaying the gods of Olympus, Kratos leaves for a far-off land, has a wife and a son.

The game starts off with a burial as Kratos’ wife dies. Most of the journey in the game sees you and your son taking your mother’s remains to their final resting place.

Kratos’ son is also a great addition to the game. He is not a burden that you need to escort around, but someone you can direct to fight with his bow and arrow.

If this were not enough to convince you, in the recent video game awards, God of War won the game of the year award.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Another gaming masterpiece that came out recently was also a PS4 exclusive. It is Red Dead Redemption 2.

Much like the previous game, most of it is cowboy simulations, bounties, and a lot of shooting with your guns.

However, there are new wrinkles to the game such as the ever-changing story as dictated by your righteous or nefarious actions. The attention to detail in this game is commendable to say the least.

What are you waiting for? If you haven’t played these games, could you even call yourself a gamer?

2 of the Best Game Soundtracks Worth Listening To

2 of the Best Game Soundtracks Worth Listening To 388x220 - 2 of the Best Game Soundtracks Worth Listening To

Whether it is a movie, a television show, or a video game, the soundtrack can add a little something to the experience to improve it. Music helps set the mood, indicates how the characters or moments feel, and sometimes, they sound amazing when they do it.

All people have different musical tastes. However, when good music hits, no matter what your tastes are, people appreciate it.

While some people think that being a game music composer is a step down, that is far from the truth. Some of the most talented music composers go into the video game industry as well.

Gaming companies themselves understand how people crave for good music. Some of them release gaming music online for people to enjoy. But out of all the video games out there, which games have the best soundtracks?

Let’s take a look or listen to several of the best gaming soundtracks to ever be composed or developed.


First on or list is the indie darling Celeste. To say that Celeste is amazing is an understatement. Its graphics are nowhere near the current AAA released games. However, it makes do with its 2D side-scroller action.

The game centers on Celeste and her ascent to the summit of a mountain. Using your dashes, your climbing, and most importantly your wits, you evade the numerous obstacles to eventually reach your goal.

The game was so popular that during the recent video game awards, it was the only video game to be nominated for game of the year. While it didn’t win, it was a victory for indie games and the passionate creators of video games in general.

Apart from the gameplay, one other great aspect of the game is the soundtrack. It was created by composer Lena Raine. The tunes are composed in style with the 8bit format of the game, with synthesizers playing a huge role in it.

Much like the game, the soundtrack really evokes strong emotions when people listen to it. Moreover, it is such a great listen.

The original tracks are remixed in later on levels which I will not spoil. However, the remixed tracks take are revitalized, with the variations being another layer of enjoyment.

Tetris Effect

Next up we have Tetris Effect. It is a recent virtual reality title that combines the classic Tetris gameplay with psychedelic visuals and amazing music.

Calling Tetris Effect a game doesn’t quite cut it. It is more of an experience that people need to go through.

The trippy visuals sure are a draw. Whenever people earn a Tetris, bright and vibrant explosions of design and color erupt on the screen. While in VR, it feels like you are disembodied soul witnessing beauty explode in your eyes.

This feeling is only enhanced with the great music accompanying it. If you need proof, look no further than in the music used in the trailer. As the trailer dropped, people were already scouring the internet to search for the originally made song due to its catchiness.

We hope that next time you play a game, you pay closer attention to the soundtracks accompanying and enhancing the gameplay.

2 Things You Didn’t Know About the Gaming Development Industry

2 Things You Didn’t Know About the Gaming Development Industry 388x220 - 2 Things You Didn’t Know About the Gaming Development Industry

Video games have become a thing that is enjoyed by a great number of people, across all ages and genders and even geographical boundaries. It is a worldwide phenomenon that allow for people to compete and enjoy.

While most people know about the games themselves, not a lot of people know much about the video game industry as a whole.

This article will present several facts about the gaming industry that you may not have known.

Where Does the Money Go?

woman euro earn money online earn - 2 Things You Didn’t Know About the Gaming Development Industry

Gamers usually have their favorite game developers. You have the big ones like Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft. Then you also have others such as Naughty Dog, Digital Extremis, and Respawn Entertainment to name a few.

People may think that when they buy video games, most if not all the money goes to them. A freelance developer spoke out recently and revealed what actually happens.

At the time, around six years ago, he said that oftentimes, developers are paid a huge one-time payment to create the game they want to create.

And that’s it. When people buy the games, the money usually goes to the publishers and lines their pockets. Developers don’t usually get royalties.

The freelance developer who was the source of this information also stated that apart from the publishers, only big-time celebrity names in games get royalties.

This is too bad, as games makes billions these days.

Is Any Press Good Press?

hand type keyboard money finance - 2 Things You Didn’t Know About the Gaming Development Industry

As the saying goes, any press is good press. But is this necessarily true given this upcoming situation?

Marketing is a big factor for any game. Trailers can help and hype the game’s release and push sales towards a positive note. After all, game developers and publishers need profit to continue making games for us lovely gamers.

However, what happens when the developers pay companies to give positive reviews?

This was uncovered recently, where a game and creator I will not mention actually ended up bribing a big gaming journalist company to make positive review for the game.

Gaming reviews, especially from big gaming journalist websites currently out there right now, could have amazing effects for the game. This was made evident by the sales of the said game.

When the bribery was uncovered though, as expected there was massive backlash at the reviewer and creator. Sales did eventually go down.

Apart from money though, there have been instances where sexual favors were also offered.

Reviewers aside, video game streamers could also be paid to endorse and play the game.

These are only a couple of facts about the gaming industry. Whether they have a positive or negative impact on you, or how it affects your own behaviors and actions, is entirely up to you.

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3 Upcoming Gaming Releases to Look Forward To

3 Upcoming Gaming Releases to Look Forward To 388x220 - 3 Upcoming Gaming Releases to Look Forward To

The future of gaming is bright and exciting. This article talks about several anticipated amazing games that people can play on different consoles.

Has there ever been a better time to be a gamer? Recently, the Nintendo Switch was just released. This was a revolutionary period for gaming, as quality games were being released in hand-held mode.

Nintendo was able to release great games such as Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, Xenoblade Chronicles, and Celeste.

That isn’t to say that the other consoles have been left in the dust. Microsoft came out with Sea of Thieves and Cuphead way back. Sony on the other hand has been releasing gold masterpieces recently such as God of War, Spiderman, and the new Red Dead Redemption.

Despite that, there is still more to be excited about! Here are three upcoming game releases to look forward to.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

The Switch is looking at bringing one of the most famous franchises to their new console. It is called Fire Emblem: Three Houses. In it, players take the role of a teacher who selects a prodigy from one of three kingdoms who oversee the land.

Through your decisions, you train your faithful band of students who each have unique personalities and skills. You also hold the life of your students in the balance. If they die in battle, they are gone forever. This can completely change how the story plays out.

The strategic combat still retains and people will no doubt still enjoy the action that gained its cult following.

The strategic gameplay that people love is much the same.

Last of Us 2

The acclaimed post-apocalyptic emotional bonanza is returning exclusively to the PS4. With the trailers we have seen, it continues the story of Ellie as we see her navigate through the torn world as a grown woman.

Fans are interested what has happened since the first game. What happened to Joel? What has Ellie been doing all this time? And did she ever find out what Joel did for (or to) her in the previous game.

Expect the same stealth and action gameplay when the second edition comes in 2019.


Finally, we have Anthem. If you haven’t heard of Anthem, think an open-world shooting game where you control different classes of Iron Man-like suits.

Gamers liken it to an evolution of Bungie’s Destiny. Only time will tell though if it will become more successful than it.

Excited yet? These games will be coming out later in 2019. So be patient and enjoy these anticipated gems.

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4 of the Best and Worse Game Film Adaptations

4 of the Best and Worse Game Film Adaptations 388x220 - 4 of the Best and Worse Game Film Adaptations

Ever since games had a story that could captivate the players and take their imaginations and emotions to new heights, people have always thought that they would also make great films.

Like all ideas, sometimes they succeed. And sometimes, they are such big horrific mistakes and massive failures.

Let’s take a look at some good and bad video game film adaptations.

Mortal Kombat

I’m sure when people remember the Mortal Kombat movie – and eventually re-watch it – not a lot of fond memories come into mind. However, I’ll make the argument that Mortal Kombat is a great game film adaptation.

For one, it stayed true to the source of the game, apart from the brother angle. Simply put, it was a film with a lot of fighting to the death! The violence that thrilled people in the games comes through in the film.

What’s more, the characters used were faithful too.

The hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue signified the break of the terrible video game film adaptation curse.

Final Fantasy: Spirits Within

85bd4bb9fb697239e1cd4492060ef946 - 4 of the Best and Worse Game Film Adaptations

Squaresoft had a hit on their hands when they released the revolutionary Final Fantasy 7 in the first Playstation console. Japanese RPG makers always had a thing for games that had players emotionally invested.

After FF7, people had high hopes for the film. However, it just wasn’t meant to be.

The film diverged from its fantastical swords and magic world. Spirits Within had an intriguing futuristic plot, it just wasn’t what people were looking for.

The film ended up bankrupting Squaresoft.

Final Fantasy: Advent Children

Squaresoft rebounded though with their new company Square Enix. They released a follow up film to the aforementioned Final Fantasy 7 game.

Advent Children is everything gamers wanted in a film. It was a deep yet high octane action film that resided within the same universe and used the same characters. The best part, I reckon, was seeing the beloved characters do all sorts of awesome things on screen.

Street Fighter

Finally, we have Street Fighter. This is a film that is both good and bad. For one, Guile was played by legitimate martial artist Jean-Claude Van Damme.

People were already up in arms that Ryu wasn’t the main character like in the games. Then they had to make Guile, the supposed champion of the United States, Belgian?

From pre-production, the movie seemed doomed. However, if there was ever a shining jewel in the film, it was Raul Julia who played M. Bison, the game and film’s main antagonist.

Julia single-handedly lifted the film up to a greater spot. His larger than life acting still is one of the most enjoyable things in the movie.

For Street Fighter, this is a film that is so bad that it is good.

We hope that game and film enthusiasts, as well as filmmakers read this list and take these movies into account when new video game films come out.

2 Great Gaming Development Documentaries to Watch Today

2 Great Gaming Development Documentaries to Watch Today 388x220 - 2 Great Gaming Development Documentaries to Watch Today

Gaming is a big industry. As such, there are so many facets in gaming that people may not know about. These could be about the gaming development industry, about how games are created, and many other topics.

One good way to learn more about pretty much any topic is through documentaries. They are a great visual medium to accompany video games.

This article will present several gaming documentaries that people can watch and enjoy.

Smash Brothers

The first documentary we’ll look at is called Smash Brothers. It focuses on a famous Nintendo game called Super Smash Bros. Melee for the Game Cube.

The game could be called a ­party fighting game. As many as four people can play and fight each other using a number of characters from Nintendo properties. These characters include Pikachu from the Pokemon series, Link from Legend of Zelda, and Mario and Luigi.

The documentary is not just about the game. While it does cover the advanced techniques included in the game, it is about so much more than that. It is actually about the competitive scene and passionate community that the game created.

It follows the rivalries of east coast and west coast through America. The chapters focus on seven of the most important figures that have emerged in the Melee scene.

These seven figures are important and, along with the community they come from, truly shine through in the documentary.

It is an enjoyable watch and can get gamers really hyped about fighting games. It is free to view on YouTube right now.

NoClip on YouTube

Next up, we won’t be featuring a specific documentary. Rather, we’ll showcase a YouTube channel that hosts a great number of quality video game documentaries. The channel is called NoClip.

NoClip has already done a variety of gaming documentaries on several video games.

For instance, one documentary that people should watch is their showcase on Digital Extremis, the company that has created Massive Multiplayer Online game Warframe. If you aren’t familiar with the game, think Iron Man suits and ninja-like gameplay. With guns. Lots of guns.

It covers the struggles of Digital Extremis and how they wanted to create Warframe for a long time, but just couldn’t catch a break big enough to do it. After years of struggle though, they finally released it as a free game that currently has a big following.

They also have a documentary on the new God of War video game. God of War recently won the video game award for best game. The documentary speaks and features game director Cory Barlog and his insights into the creation of the game.

These are only a few documentaries that you should definitely watch to learn more about the video game industry.