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Books and video games more things in common than people think. One of them – and probably the most important one – is the ability to transfer people to another place as well as the creativity it brings to people.

For video gamers, it would be better to find books that are either about video games, the video game industry, or have a story about a video game.

Let’s take a look at several books about gaming that people can read.

The Evolution of Gamepads

The first book we’ll be looking at was written by Kevin Harbin. It is called The Evolution of Gamepads: A History of Video Game Controllers.

There have been a lot of written books that focused on so many different facets of gaming. We have the history of gaming, console wars, specific video games, and specific gaming companies such as Sega or Sony or any other ones.

However, one of the most overlooked aspects of gaming is the things that we use to actually play and enjoy the video games: the controllers.

If it sounds a bit odd to you, don’t let the subject matter fool you. Harbin takes a look at several controllers and reveals many interesting facts about them.

One example is the Playstation’s controller. When the controller was conceptualized, the staff at Sony wanted for the controller to be flat. They envisioned it to be something akin to the NES’ controller. How different would Sony and the industry be then?

Playing with Feelings

Next up, we have Playing with Feelings: Video Games and Affect. This book was written by Aubrey Anable.

Through this book, Anable talks about a different side of video games. In fact, it talks about a different wrinkle and benefit to video games.

Through her research, Anable says that video games allow people to develop their emotions more. She says that this happens because emotions can be linked to video games, and thus be played and replayed, experienced and re-experienced whenever possible.

It is sort of like practicing emotions. An interesting read for sure.