person sitting on gaming chair while playing video game - Events

People think that gaming belongs in the consoles and the computers that they are played out of. However, gaming has spread into something more than just an activity. It has spilled into the real world through several events.

These events are places that people can visit to share their own gaming interests, to see up-and-coming games and technologies, or to watch competitive games.

Here are a few gaming events that you can visit in 2019.

GamesIndustry Marketing Summit

The first event we’ll be looking at is GamesIndustry’s Marketing Summit. In this summit, experts from the video game industry come together under one roof.

As the name suggests, the talks will mostly center around marketing in the video game industry. However, topics also include streaming services, the retail of video games, economy concepts to consider, and rebranding.

Experts from different industries come together to talk about these topics. These include people from top companies such as 20th Century Fox and even the BBC.

Additionally, executives from big video game companies are expected to attend. Companies like Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Sega, and more.

The event will be taking place on the 31st of January, in Stoke Park at Buckinghamshire.

PAX East

Next up we have PAX East that is taking place on the 28th March at Boston. As opposed to the previous marketing summit, PAX East is more of an open event that celebrates and showcases video games.

At the event, you’ll be visiting multiple booths. In each booth, something different is in store for you. You’ll get to see and play upcoming games, watch and listen to panels, listen to music from the most beloved games, and so much more.

Each year, PAX East puts indie games up on a pedestal for all people to see. These are games from all consoles and even on mobile. Be sure to catch it this year too.