3 Upcoming Gaming Releases to Look Forward To

3 Upcoming Gaming Releases to Look Forward To 752x440 - 3 Upcoming Gaming Releases to Look Forward To

The future of gaming is bright and exciting. This article talks about several anticipated amazing games that people can play on different consoles.

Has there ever been a better time to be a gamer? Recently, the Nintendo Switch was just released. This was a revolutionary period for gaming, as quality games were being released in hand-held mode.

Nintendo was able to release great games such as Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, Xenoblade Chronicles, and Celeste.

That isn’t to say that the other consoles have been left in the dust. Microsoft came out with Sea of Thieves and Cuphead way back. Sony on the other hand has been releasing gold masterpieces recently such as God of War, Spiderman, and the new Red Dead Redemption.

Despite that, there is still more to be excited about! Here are three upcoming game releases to look forward to.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

The Switch is looking at bringing one of the most famous franchises to their new console. It is called Fire Emblem: Three Houses. In it, players take the role of a teacher who selects a prodigy from one of three kingdoms who oversee the land.

Through your decisions, you train your faithful band of students who each have unique personalities and skills. You also hold the life of your students in the balance. If they die in battle, they are gone forever. This can completely change how the story plays out.

The strategic combat still retains and people will no doubt still enjoy the action that gained its cult following.

The strategic gameplay that people love is much the same.

Last of Us 2

The acclaimed post-apocalyptic emotional bonanza is returning exclusively to the PS4. With the trailers we have seen, it continues the story of Ellie as we see her navigate through the torn world as a grown woman.

Fans are interested what has happened since the first game. What happened to Joel? What has Ellie been doing all this time? And did she ever find out what Joel did for (or to) her in the previous game.

Expect the same stealth and action gameplay when the second edition comes in 2019.


Finally, we have Anthem. If you haven’t heard of Anthem, think an open-world shooting game where you control different classes of Iron Man-like suits.

Gamers liken it to an evolution of Bungie’s Destiny. Only time will tell though if it will become more successful than it.

Excited yet? These games will be coming out later in 2019. So be patient and enjoy these anticipated gems.

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