2 Things You Didn’t Know About the Gaming Development Industry

2 Things You Didn’t Know About the Gaming Development Industry 752x440 - 2 Things You Didn’t Know About the Gaming Development Industry

Video games have become a thing that is enjoyed by a great number of people, across all ages and genders and even geographical boundaries. It is a worldwide phenomenon that allow for people to compete and enjoy.

While most people know about the games themselves, not a lot of people know much about the video game industry as a whole.

This article will present several facts about the gaming industry that you may not have known.

Where Does the Money Go?

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Gamers usually have their favorite game developers. You have the big ones like Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft. Then you also have others such as Naughty Dog, Digital Extremis, and Respawn Entertainment to name a few.

People may think that when they buy video games, most if not all the money goes to them. A freelance developer spoke out recently and revealed what actually happens.

At the time, around six years ago, he said that oftentimes, developers are paid a huge one-time payment to create the game they want to create.

And that’s it. When people buy the games, the money usually goes to the publishers and lines their pockets. Developers don’t usually get royalties.

The freelance developer who was the source of this information also stated that apart from the publishers, only big-time celebrity names in games get royalties.

This is too bad, as games makes billions these days.

Is Any Press Good Press?

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As the saying goes, any press is good press. But is this necessarily true given this upcoming situation?

Marketing is a big factor for any game. Trailers can help and hype the game’s release and push sales towards a positive note. After all, game developers and publishers need profit to continue making games for us lovely gamers.

However, what happens when the developers pay companies to give positive reviews?

This was uncovered recently, where a game and creator I will not mention actually ended up bribing a big gaming journalist company to make positive review for the game.

Gaming reviews, especially from big gaming journalist websites currently out there right now, could have amazing effects for the game. This was made evident by the sales of the said game.

When the bribery was uncovered though, as expected there was massive backlash at the reviewer and creator. Sales did eventually go down.

Apart from money though, there have been instances where sexual favors were also offered.

Reviewers aside, video game streamers could also be paid to endorse and play the game.

These are only a couple of facts about the gaming industry. Whether they have a positive or negative impact on you, or how it affects your own behaviors and actions, is entirely up to you.

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