2 of the Best Game Soundtracks Worth Listening To

2 of the Best Game Soundtracks Worth Listening To 752x440 - 2 of the Best Game Soundtracks Worth Listening To

Whether it is a movie, a television show, or a video game, the soundtrack can add a little something to the experience to improve it. Music helps set the mood, indicates how the characters or moments feel, and sometimes, they sound amazing when they do it.

All people have different musical tastes. However, when good music hits, no matter what your tastes are, people appreciate it.

While some people think that being a game music composer is a step down, that is far from the truth. Some of the most talented music composers go into the video game industry as well.

Gaming companies themselves understand how people crave for good music. Some of them release gaming music online for people to enjoy. But out of all the video games out there, which games have the best soundtracks?

Let’s take a look or listen to several of the best gaming soundtracks to ever be composed or developed.


First on or list is the indie darling Celeste. To say that Celeste is amazing is an understatement. Its graphics are nowhere near the current AAA released games. However, it makes do with its 2D side-scroller action.

The game centers on Celeste and her ascent to the summit of a mountain. Using your dashes, your climbing, and most importantly your wits, you evade the numerous obstacles to eventually reach your goal.

The game was so popular that during the recent video game awards, it was the only video game to be nominated for game of the year. While it didn’t win, it was a victory for indie games and the passionate creators of video games in general.

Apart from the gameplay, one other great aspect of the game is the soundtrack. It was created by composer Lena Raine. The tunes are composed in style with the 8bit format of the game, with synthesizers playing a huge role in it.

Much like the game, the soundtrack really evokes strong emotions when people listen to it. Moreover, it is such a great listen.

The original tracks are remixed in later on levels which I will not spoil. However, the remixed tracks take are revitalized, with the variations being another layer of enjoyment.

Tetris Effect

Next up we have Tetris Effect. It is a recent virtual reality title that combines the classic Tetris gameplay with psychedelic visuals and amazing music.

Calling Tetris Effect a game doesn’t quite cut it. It is more of an experience that people need to go through.

The trippy visuals sure are a draw. Whenever people earn a Tetris, bright and vibrant explosions of design and color erupt on the screen. While in VR, it feels like you are disembodied soul witnessing beauty explode in your eyes.

This feeling is only enhanced with the great music accompanying it. If you need proof, look no further than in the music used in the trailer. As the trailer dropped, people were already scouring the internet to search for the originally made song due to its catchiness.

We hope that next time you play a game, you pay closer attention to the soundtracks accompanying and enhancing the gameplay.

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