4 of the Best and Worse Game Film Adaptations

4 of the Best and Worse Game Film Adaptations 752x440 - 4 of the Best and Worse Game Film Adaptations

Ever since games had a story that could captivate the players and take their imaginations and emotions to new heights, people have always thought that they would also make great films.

Like all ideas, sometimes they succeed. And sometimes, they are such big horrific mistakes and massive failures.

Let’s take a look at some good and bad video game film adaptations.

Mortal Kombat

I’m sure when people remember the Mortal Kombat movie – and eventually re-watch it – not a lot of fond memories come into mind. However, I’ll make the argument that Mortal Kombat is a great game film adaptation.

For one, it stayed true to the source of the game, apart from the brother angle. Simply put, it was a film with a lot of fighting to the death! The violence that thrilled people in the games comes through in the film.

What’s more, the characters used were faithful too.

The hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue signified the break of the terrible video game film adaptation curse.

Final Fantasy: Spirits Within

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Squaresoft had a hit on their hands when they released the revolutionary Final Fantasy 7 in the first Playstation console. Japanese RPG makers always had a thing for games that had players emotionally invested.

After FF7, people had high hopes for the film. However, it just wasn’t meant to be.

The film diverged from its fantastical swords and magic world. Spirits Within had an intriguing futuristic plot, it just wasn’t what people were looking for.

The film ended up bankrupting Squaresoft.

Final Fantasy: Advent Children

Squaresoft rebounded though with their new company Square Enix. They released a follow up film to the aforementioned Final Fantasy 7 game.

Advent Children is everything gamers wanted in a film. It was a deep yet high octane action film that resided within the same universe and used the same characters. The best part, I reckon, was seeing the beloved characters do all sorts of awesome things on screen.

Street Fighter

Finally, we have Street Fighter. This is a film that is both good and bad. For one, Guile was played by legitimate martial artist Jean-Claude Van Damme.

People were already up in arms that Ryu wasn’t the main character like in the games. Then they had to make Guile, the supposed champion of the United States, Belgian?

From pre-production, the movie seemed doomed. However, if there was ever a shining jewel in the film, it was Raul Julia who played M. Bison, the game and film’s main antagonist.

Julia single-handedly lifted the film up to a greater spot. His larger than life acting still is one of the most enjoyable things in the movie.

For Street Fighter, this is a film that is so bad that it is good.

We hope that game and film enthusiasts, as well as filmmakers read this list and take these movies into account when new video game films come out.

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